Tournament rules:

The game rules to be applied shall be consistent with the tournament regulations of the Football Association of Finland.

Players: Born 1.1.2009 or later. The teams must be ready to confirm identification of players if requested. Please provide complete list of players using the below link


latest at 10.1.2020. After the list is submitted, changes are possible only with the acceptance of the tournament organizers.

Game rules: 8 vs 8, offside rule inside penalty box line (whole width of field). Throw ins and goal kicks.

Playing-time: 1 x 20 minutes. 6 games in total. 3 games on Saturday, 3 games on Sunday

Ball size: 4. The home team needs to hand a match ball to the referee.

Kick-off: The visiting team begins the game. The home team chooses side.

Game jerseys: If the opposing teams have matching colored jerseys, the visiting team has to wear optional jerseys or vests.

Substitutions: In and out during a game break with the referee’s approval.

Time-outs: The referee has the option of giving player a 5 min penalty on the bench. Team can substitute another player into the game instead.

Points: Win will award 3 points, a draw 1 point.

Schedule: The games take place at two pitches next to each other and both games begin at the same time from a signal. There will also be a sound signal to mark the end of the 20 minute period, HOWEVER the referee alone signals the end of the match. To keep up the schedule, each team has to be ready by the pitch 5 minutes prior to the start of their game.

Pitches: One artificial-grass pitch.

In Finland, in some tournaments, the losing team is able to add an extra player to the field when the deficit becomes 5 goals. This rule is not applicable in the tournament, so no extra players allowed in any circumstances.

Tournament format:


The group phase will be played on Saturday. The teams have been divided into 4 groups (4 teams in each). All teams in each group will play against each another. Based on the game results on the group phase the teams will be positioned to the games on Sunday. All teams will have six games in total in the tournament.


Positions 1-8: Two best teams in each group will advance to play to quarter finals. Teams from same group stage will not be matched against each other in the quarter finals. The ranking between the group winners will be decided on the following order: points, goal difference, goals made, lottery.  The ranking between the runner up’s will be decided on the following order: points, goal difference, goals made, lottery. The Rank of group winner surpasses that of all of the runner-up’s.

Positions 9-16: The number 3’s and 4´s in each group will advance to B-Finals. Teams from same group stage will not be matched against each other in the first cup stage. Higher position in the group in the group stage means better ranking compared to teams with lower position in their corresponding group. (e.g Team finishing third in the group stage has always higher ranking then a team who was fourth in their group)

If there is a tie after a Sunday’s game, a penalty shoot-out will follow immediately, with a three player shoot-out. If needed, the teams will continue with the penalties one by one until the game is decided. Only after all the players of the team have performed a penalty kick, the teams can start a new round with the same players.

Penalty shoot-out will start immediately after normal playing time due to tight game schedule. After game ceremonies will be performed off the pitch for games requiring shoot-out.

Protests: In case of disagreements, the tournament jury consisting of the Head of Competition and Head of Referees, will solve the possible disagreements. The jury’s decisions are final and they cannot be appealed.

A handling fee of 200 euros is charged for a protest. The fee will be returned in case the tournament jury approves the protest. A protest has to be delivered to the tournament office at the latest 20 minutes after the end of the game in question.

Prizes: To be announced later.