Thank you for placing the lunch orders for the 2020 tournament. The booking period is now closed.

Pre-ordered lunchtickets for Sunday are available at the tournament info upon arrival on Sunday.

Sunday lunch timetable:
10.30  Teams of game 5 (Optionally 12.15)
11.00  Teams of game 6
11.20  Winner of game 7
11.45  Loser of game 8
12.00  Winner of game 8
12.10 Loser of game 7
12:20 Teams of game 13 (optionally 13.50)

12:40 Teams of game 14 (optionally 14.15)

13:00 Teams of game 15

13:15 Teams of game 16


Price: 11 euro / person / day



– Bolognese Sauce (M+G/Beef 100%) and roasted potatoes (M+G+VE)

– Colewslawsalad (M+G), Grated Carrots (M+G+VE)

– Bread (L) and butter

– Water and Juice


– Chicken with cream sauce (M+G) and rice (M+G+VE)

– Green salad, salad dressing (M+G+VE)

– Bread (L) and butter

– Water and Juice


M: Milk-free

G: Gluten-free

VE: Vegan

How to book the lunch:

  1. Gather the total amount of lunches needed for the team (players, coaches, parents etc). Indicate the number of lunches needed separately both for Saturday and Sunday. Please let us also know about the possible allergies.
  2. Use the below form to inform us by the 31st of January 2019.
  3. After you have filled in the form you should receive a confirmation to the email address you have specified in the form. The message received includes a link, that can be used, should you need to change the given information. This link will be active until the 31st of December 2019.
  4. After the order you will receive even an invoice. The invoice will include the total amount of lunches reserved for the team and should be paid by the 10th of Jan 2020.
  5. Upon arrival to the tournament, please collect the lunch tickets from the info (you can find the info inside the hall just by the entrance doors). All tickets ordered by the team will be given to the contact person named by you in the original order, who should then pass the tickets to associated team members.